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Josh Kaplan

M.S. Space Systems Engineering (2018)
B.S. Aerospace Engineering

My Website

I’m an engineer and this is my website. My intention is to use this site to share my knowledge and document some of my projects.

About Me

I like to solve problems. I have a passion for figuring things out and making things happen. My most enjoyable experiences have been in R&D and technical leadership roles. I love working in fast-paced environments where I can take something from a idea to reality.

I currently work in the aerospace industry as a software engineering lead. Despite my undergraduate degree in Aerospace Engineering, the vast majority of my work has been as a software engineer where I’ve had the pleasure of working with languages ranging from assembly to Python. I’m also working on my Master’s in Space Systems Engineering at Johns Hopkins and support my alma mater, UCF, as an adjunct faculty member in the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering department for the Senior Design course.

Apart from work and school (and working on my website), I enjoy cooking, playing guitar, and photography.